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IDOS for Windows

Installation for download

Important informations

Installation procedure

Installation file is archive in ZIP format.
For less experienced users we alternatively also offer self-extracting archives (we reccommend).

During the installation follow these steps:

  1. Before install terminate the IDOS application. If you are using a network version of the program then all network clients must terminate the application.
  2. Save installation file on the local disk to the temporary folder (for example C:\POM). To save the file, use any of the links listed after the word Download (HTTP - transfer by protocol HTTP, FTP - transfer by protocol FTP).
  3. Unpack the installation file. For unpack the file you must enter the password for unpack the installation (you will receive it in e-mail after purchase of the product, be careful of case).
  4. If you entered the correct password then to the selected folder it will expand the Setup.exe file containing the install program. If the entered password is incorrect, exit unpacking and return to step 3.
  5. Run the installation program Setup.exe.
  6. The installation program may require a registration number. The registration number you will receive in e-mail after purchase of the product (in the case of a personal collection on DVD-ROM registration number is included in the license card).


Installation program contains only timetable viewer with trains and buses timetable. If you are interested in other data files they can be downloaded from the website containing data updates.

As purchase of the product listed above are meant to make the order of the product and pay the required amount money to our bank account (we will handle the order only after receive the payment).

Important information

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Installation of IDOS for Windows
Contains timetable viewer + timetable of trains and buses

Update date: 18.12.2019, size: 17.547.153 B

Download IWIN.ZIP: with protocol HTTP  |  with protocol FTP

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