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Audio-visual information system for passengers

System description

INISS provides audio-visual information about the following in railway stations or bus stations:

  • arrivals, departures and delays of trains or buses, railway and platform availability etc.,
  • traffic information about connecting transport systems (e.g. public transport information),
  • special traffic events.

INISS allows:

  • creation of information schedules, i.e. sequences of information which is supposed to be continuously listed on the boards at different times, on different days of the week or another time period,
  • automatic assignment of information to boards according to data entered in the schedule,
  • automatic operation of the station announcing system and its synchronization with board listings,
  • manual operation, i.e. blocking the automatic selection of information from the schedule and listing of information on the board only with intervention from the keyboard of the control computer,
  • automatic control of operation according to the movement of trains,
  • automatic control of the volume of the station announcing system according to the time of the day,
  • automatic repetition of announcements of the station announcing system at specified intervals,
  • incorporation of changes in timetables in the form of data update,
  • on-line acquisition of information about the status of every device,
  • on-line viewing of information shown on boards over the Internet,
  • statistical evaluation of performance.

The system can be expanded and modified as necessary according to specific client requirements.

Product INISS are exclusively available to order rail operator according to local specificities of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.



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