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Subway depot information system

System description

Establishment Information System (hereinafter ISP) is an application that is used for the management of staffing shifts of metro drivers and supervisors in the Prague Public Transit Company.

The core of the system is planning of shift schedules for individual operating divisions and detailed preparation of documents for calculation of salaries and related agendas.

Application Properties:

  • tools for administration of the shift catalog and its updates,
  • tools for administration of period definitions and assignment of individual employees to them,
  • preparation and modification of the shift schedule for individual operating units,
  • detailed preparation of payroll documents, automatic calculation of wage components, meal vouchers etc.,
  • administration of long-term absence diaries with automatic link to the preparation of shift schedules,
  • presenting of information about shift schedules in paper and electronic form,
  • option to create lists and automatic registration of employees for regular instructions,
  • one-time as well as automatic long-term assignment of train drivers for training to an instructor,
  • monitoring of overtime limits,
  • tools for setting the amount of worked hours and their regulation,
  • export of data into a superior personnel system,
  • print of lists for voucher distribution,
  • print of time period definitions,
  • print of paper documents for notes of supervisory depots - definition of periods for the given month in A3 format,
  • operation log for recording events,
  • support for registration of actual boarding at so-called boarding points with automatic entry into the operation log,
  • number of special features (e.g. dynamic definition of night shifts extending to two different train diagrams of a train set),
  • support for administration of lookup tables.

Product ISP was developed exclusively to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


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Dopravní podnik hl.m. Prahy


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