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Audio-visual information system in vehicles

System description

MAVIS is used for the provision of voice and visual information services for passengers in railway vehicles. Information given to the passengers is pre-configured as required by the system operator. The basic information is the destination and the train route.

The system informs about stops on the way and supports signalization of a request stop. Before the train reaches a transfer station, it provides information about connecting trains and gives the passengers better information about the situation in the station that they are approaching. For operation in integrated transport systems, it is possible to also display the line number, zone number and transfers to other means of transport (e.g. metro) in a visible area.

MAVIS represents an important part of the equipment of vehicles, particularly of those trains which are not accompanied by on-board staff, because thanks to this technology, passengers are kept informed about all facts regarding their journey. Voice information is normally presented to passenger in the Czech language; on international trains, the content of the announcements is also translated to English and German with regard to international clientele. Visual information is displayed on an information light panel (LED or DOT-LED) with various fonts and support for visual effects such as moving text or blinking.

Application Properties:

  • management through a compact control unit,
  • control of information light panels in the vehicle,
  • announcement replay,
  • communication between control units in other vehicles,
  • uploading of data to the control unit from a laptop, USB or Wi-Fi.

Product MAVIS are exclusively available to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


Czech Railways

Czech Railways


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