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Sales system for railway transport

System description

PARIS allows:

  • issue of train tickets for domestic and international transport,
  • reservation of seats, sleeper seats and beds,
  • search in timetables,
  • closing of cash register shifts,
  • archiving of all accounting operations,
  • on-line analysis of sales data,
  • supervision, control and administration.

PARIS is based on the architecture of shared web services. It is a modern sales and reservation system with the following characteristics:

  • distributed architecture, scalability,
  • reliability - a primary and a secondary address is defined for every web service,
  • portability of the core code of the services - cores of some services are written in ANSI C,
  • shared web services - internal functions of the system are compiled into shared services,
  • central administration of users and devices,
  • work with SQL servers,
  • Microsoft.NET Framework platform in the Windows operating system,
  • modern graphical user interface of client applications.

Main web services of the PARIS system:

cashier service
performance of cashier activities, management of the history of tickets sold, central archive of tickets sold etc.
national tickets
support for issue of tickets, application of discounts, option to trace based on the transport connection, support for issue of tickets of integrated transport systems etc.
international tickets
issue of international documents printed on CIV tickets
reservation service
central reservation function in accordance with the regulation UIC 918
search for connection based on tracing of domestic or international ticket and submission of information about the found connection for the needs of filling in the details on the ticket
authentication and authorization service
authentication and authorization of users of cash registers and possibly even web services
messaging service
simple messenger system independent on the standards for e-mail
update service
automated update of the data or program base of the system

Product PARIS is provided exclusively to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


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