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System for creating timetables

System description

SOCRET is software for automated creation of timetables for public passenger transportation, mainly for urban and suburban transportation systems. It provides high comfort to its users during the actual creation of train diagrams and maximum variability during the creation of outputs of the application.

SOCRET facilitates the activities related to the processing of timetables, particularly:

  • creation of timetables in a graphic or alphanumeric environment,
  • evaluation of compiled timetables,
  • export of timetables to MS Excel allowing adjustment to specific requirements and electronic distribution,
  • processing of operational-economic reports as required by the client,
  • automated export of data into information systems in the carrier’s vehicles, for passengers and others.

SOCRET is used to compile a transport plan for one or more modes of transport. It allows timetable printouts:

  • individual stop timetables,
  • book-style timetables,
  • vehicle timetables for drivers,
  • dispatcher timetables,
  • drawing timetables,
  • other outputs as required by the client.

SOCRET allows monitoring of the designed timetables in terms of coordination of lines of one or more types of transport at transfer points and on sections of the transport network. The quality of the designed timetables may be tested by a wide system of controls.

Product SOCRET are exclusively available to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.






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