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Universal vending tickets machine

System description

UNIPAJ is a sales device used for self-service purchase of tickets. Passengers, who are holders of the In-karta card with a balance in the electronic wallet, may use the automatic machine. Selected machines that accept payments in cash or by card may be also used by passengers without an In-karta card.

Currently, there are 30 automatic machines from 5 suppliers in pilot operation and they are installed in the following stations: Prague main station, Prague Masaryk station, Praha-Holešovice, Brno main station, Břeclav, Česká Třebová, České Budějovice, Havířov, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, Opava East, Ostrava main station, Ostrava-Svinov, Otrokovice, Pardubice main station, Plzeň main station, Prostějov main station, Přerov and Ústí nad Labem main station.

UNIPAJ allows:

  • purchase of domestic single and return tickets and SporoTiket Česko tickets,
  • purchase of ČD NET and SONE+ network tickets,
  • purchase of a ticket for large luggage or a dog,
  • purchase of a ticket with a seat reservation or a separate seat reservation for selected SC trains,
  • printing of a domestic travel document purchased through the eShop ČD,
  • viewing of data stored on the In-karta card,
  • viewing of messages for the holder of the In-karta card.

Payment methods supported by UNIPAJ:

  • electronic wallet on the In-karta card - on every UNIPAJ device,
  • using coins - automatic machines equipped with a coin slot,
  • paper notes - automatic machines accepting notes,
  • credit/debit card - automatic machines equipped with a card reader.

Product UNIPAJ are exclusively available to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


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