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Metro vehicle performance

System description

Performance of metro vehicles (hereinafter VVM) is an application that is used to support the operational use of and technical care for metro cars in the Prague Public Transit Company.

The core is planning of metro utilization (creation of "ROS" – train set circulation schedules) with respect to the observation of regular periodic inspections (revisions) and other requirements of the metro fleet maintenance. To determine planned circulations, the application includes the definition of so-called train set periods that define the cycle of assigning sets oriented at the optimization of assignment for planned inspections with respect to the flow of the initial and terminal stations of the driving cycles.

Application Properties:

  • registration of individual cars and their parts, their line-up in sets, or mounting to a car, including detailed history,
  • planning of implementation of individual sets (creation of ROS), sending for planned periodic inspections and return to the operating mode,
  • planning of ancillary activities (washing, wheel profile measurement, etc.). Presentation of the plan on the corporate intranet,
  • report editor - recording of detailed deviations of the actual mileage of cars from the planned number,
  • detailed recording of kilometrage and revisions performed on individual cars and parts including history,
  • detailed statistical reports on kilometrage for the needs of planning of maintenance and higher-degree revisions,
  • statistics of revisions and overhead kilometres,
  • a tool for detailed control of compliance with the mileage of individual revisions,
  • support for definitions and controls of so-called extended revisions,
  • monitoring of wheel profile measurements, import of information about turning works and detailed records of measured values including history,
  • prediction of the lifetime of wheelsets using regression analysis of the archive of measured values (used for medium-term and long-term planning and optimization of wheelset exchange),
  • support for dismantling and assembling of cars during more extensive repairs, creation of dismantling protocols, import of assembly protocols into VVM,
  • monitoring of periodic revisions of air reservoirs,
  • import of timetable data from the ASW JŘ application, editor of important timetables allows editing of their additional characteristics,
  • generator of an overview of component records and their mileage,
  • support for administration of lookup tables.

Product VVM was developed exclusively to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


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