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Price Assistant CD

Utility for searching train tickets

System description

Price Asistant is a web application at and serves as a tool for finding the optimal fare for all types of train travels.

Price Asistant does not only perform the basic fare calculation but it also takes into account the number of passengers, their discount passes, return trips, network tickets and other inputs. It also manages to calculate the lowest fare for repeated trips - e.g. for every-day commuting to work or school.

Due to the complexity of the tariff and the frequency of exceptions in the fare calculation, the Pricing Assistant works in three basic modes:

  • Find the lowest fare for a single trip with the option to return on the same or the next day,
  • Calculation of the lowest fare for regular commuting to work or school (the application also processes the number of regular trips, and therefore offers also e.g. route or network tickets, thanks to which a customer of ČD can make significant savings compared to single tickets),
  • Calculation of the lowest fare for irregular and non-recurring trips (business trips or weekend trips to various destinations).

Furthermore, the calculation in each of the specific modes includes other important information: age and proven discount on full fare (e.g. ČD customer pass), number of passengers in the group, possible return trip, distinguishing between travelling by trains of various categories or frequency of the same trips during a certain time period. Based on the above inputs, the purchase of the best = lowest fare is recommended to the customer including alternative offers and additional information about each offer.

The Pricing Assistant application is visually and functionally linked to other partial applications of the Czech Railways website provided by CHAPS, e.g. with the application Connection Search or eShop, and therefore represents the cornerstone of online communication of the Czech Railways towards its customers.

Product Pricing Assistant was developed exclusively to order according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


Czech Railways

Czech Railways


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